1. WIP gonna noodle this some more maybe.

  2. Subtle costume reference to go with a friends designs. Go on and guess.

    hahaha, it looks like dookie flipped.

  4. bobthedragon:

    housemate and I moved!

    I animated this high quality giraffe while we waited for the airplane


  5. Moving soon!!

    Want to get some spare change to help out with moving expenses.

    All commissions will be digital and greatly appreciated <3.

    Black and White

    Busts - $8

    Fullbody - $14
    +$7 for additional characters.  Spot color $2. $5 for additional animal/pokemon/digimon/mascot.


    Busts - $14

    Fullbody - $20
    +$10 additional characters.  Simple background add $3.
    Add $8 for additional animal/pokemon/digimon/mascot.


    Character Rough 

    B&W - $15

    Color - $21
    Front full body and head shot based on text description.

    Expression sheet

    B&W - $6 

    Color - $8
    Expression doodles for existing characters. 4 expressions each. Add $5 if from text description. Add $ .50 for each additional expression.

    Full Illustrations start at $35


    Paypal only please. 

    No upfront payment necessary but it will bump you to the top of the list.

    Email - caseycookson@gmail.com

    Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions.

  6. Warm up doodle


  8. Comp still busted

  9. savannahhorrocks:

    Tanith for ironmary for June’s CrayonCrunch! I am so embarrassed. THIS WAS ACTUALLY DONE more… reasonably late than I’m uploading it I just. FOR SOME REASON. Thought I had scanned and uploaded it when I hadn’t 8l


    Anyhow. SUPER CUTE character! Mixed media on toned paper. IronMary sent me a note if you’d like me to mail you the original!

    Oh wow! thank you! She is adorable, sorry I missed it earlier was in cape cod. My knees are still complaining from pedal boating.

  10. Champion Mary, UFO hunter, extraterrestrial pokemon researcher.

  11. It’s not that it doesn’t look good on you, it doesn’t look good on anyone.

  12. things I’ve been meaning to do for months.

    i have a mole in the middle of my right hand near the knuckles, thought that was as good a place as any.